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Degard has been powerfully involved in Painting in the UK for over 30 years.

Degard is currently studying at the Royal College of Art.

She is honoured to have been chosen, as Artist in Residence at the Hertford Arts Hub. Degard’s practice as a painter and research on The Aetheric at the Royal College of Art is working together to understand Davie’s work further; focusing on sigils used by Davie and his unique method of abstraction.

Degard is creating a unique piece of art for HAH which intersects the intentionality of Davie’s work, intangible quantum energies (aetheric energy) in critique with the over loved materialist concept A=A.

What this means in plain English! is each piece of Davie’s work is unique and could not just be considered a simple and equal form – like the letter A. Materialist science reduces the enchantment of life into simple structures which is fine if limitations are recognized, (which they are not) but not great when one is considering the richness and vitality of life. Vitality and richness are not taken into consideration by scientific investigations. Science has determined much political thinking also and the same reduction in the vitality of humanity is present in society.

The equal sign in particular has significance in society: equality, fairness but also a determination of an outcome, a certainty – as with E=MC2.

I am stating with these paintings that the energies which exist in the work of Davie and in-between them (each other and ourselves) and my aetheric energy, flow receptively and responsively, enrichingly and with strength.

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