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Slawka Gladka Is In Residence At Hertford Arts Hub November to December 2018

Artist Statement

Slawka Gladka (B.1982, Poland) is an illustrator and digital artist based in Hertford. A graduate of Public School of Fine Art (2002) and London University of Arts (2008), she has exhibited in London and Poland and is an established Digital Artist and Retoucher working for major companies in London.

Her illustrations are mostly black and white graphics created with mixed media, pencils, ink pens and pastels and are a combination of traditional figurative art and surreal compositions. Juxtaposition and distortion of perspective is used to create impact and to highlight the key elements of the story.

Slawka has always been inspired by the movement and texture of the graphic line and how it can transform onto a story.

Residency Statement:

Over the couple of months of the residency Slawka is going to create a series of illustrations telling the story of Hertford and it’s creative/artistic influence. It will take the viewer from the historic and even ancient times through the present and into the future. By the juxtaposition and surreal composition, she will try and capture the complexity of what the town and community is and how it evolves through art and culture.

It will end in the vision of how Hertford could become an art centre in the area and beyond. She will be drawing in the gallery space every Monday and Tuesday from 9.30am - 2.30pm and members of the public are welcome to visit and chat about the project.

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