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Draw Jam with Jane Glynn

Hertford Arts Hub
31 May 2018

Jane Glynn

What is a Draw Jam?

The Draw Jam is a public drop-in event from 11.00am–3.00am on Sunday 17th June which will take place in the grounds of Hertford Castle, as part of the Let Us Leap Festival, celebrating Alan Davie.

Create your mark

Take some time to explore your unique mark making, large or small, using charcoal, collage and paint, long elder pencils, pencils and biros with artist Jane Glynn. All materials will be supplied in the beautiful, peaceful setting of the Castle.

Need to know information

  • Inspired by the work of Alan Davie, using charcoal, paint, crayons and biros participants will explore drawing on large and small scales.  
  • There will be inspiration from copies of some of Davie’s work.
  • People will be encouraged to use their imaginations, memories and enthusiasms as starting points to explore drawing in an open-ended, active way.  
  • Large rolls of heavy-duty paper will be laid flat and people will be invited to kneel and work straight onto the paper, or to use brushes and pencils on long elder sticks to inspire less control, more freedom and an element of surprise; this will also make it possible for people who find it easier to stand and wheelchair users to participate – there will also be the opportunity to work on sections of the drawing at a table if this is more appropriate for some participants.
  • Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to make smaller scale personal drawings, inspired by Davie’s biro drawings.  
  • The main materials will be 75cm x 20 metre rolls of heavy-duty paper, charcoal in an assortment of sizes, biros, brusho dyes, glue, paints.
  • There will also be a range of monochrome collage materials, as well as smaller sheets of white paper for the biro drawings.
  • Ground sheets will protect the paper, and provide a surface to kneel on to draw.

The Draw Jam is a community event and suitable for everyone with a love of art – especially children.

So why not come along to this free event and join in the fun!

Alan Davie Exhibition Open:

Thursdays & Fridays – 2.00pm-6.00pm
Saturdays – 11.00am-3.00pm

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