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Hertford Culture Quarter

The beautiful town of Hertford provides a relaxed atmosphere for people interested in the Arts of all mediums.

Hertford has been a local centre for 1000 years. The remains of the Castle, first constructed in 1086, where Queen Elizabeth1 lived as a child, are still in in use today as Hertford Town Council meeting rooms and public space.

This beautiful town provides a relaxed atmosphere for people interested in Culture and the Arts of all mediums. Whether you take inspiration from the historic buildings, beautiful parks or just sitting in one of the many cafés, bars and restaurants watching the world go by you’ll be in good company.

An annual Hertford Arts Festival showcases and promotes local talent, including an Art Trail with different local artists exhibiting in local shops and businesses.

The development of the Hertford Arts Hub at the Old Hertford Brewery on Hartham Lane is in the middle of Hertford’s Cultural Quarter which includes Hertford Theatre, Courtyard Arts, Hertford Museum, Hertford Library and the Company of Players.

Hertford Theatre

A professional vibrant theatre space for plays, music, dance, comedy and cinema. Studio rooms hold classes, events and talks, and the café/bar is also used as an exhibition space for local artists in collaboration with Courtyard Arts.

Courtyard Arts

For more than 20 years, Courtyard Arts has provided Hertford with a quality programme of exhibitions, over 25 varied creative classes and workshops for adults and children alike.

Hertford Museum

Hertford Museum cares for and exhibits artefacts and photographs of the town’s long history.

Hertfordshire Libraries

Hertford Library provides books, ebooks, online references, as well as talks and events for all the county’s residents.

Company of Players at The Little Theatre

The Company of Players is based at the 63 seat Little Theatre, typically staging five productions over the winter months.

Hertford Castle

Home to a programme of events run by Hertford Town Council

Hertford Art Society

Hertford Art Society is an organisation that brings together academics, professionals and amateur artists to give them the chance to develop their skills and exhibit their work.

Hertford Writers Circle

According to Michael Dobbs, the bestselling author who went to school in Hertford: “It is a town that inspires writers”. No surprise then, that fiction writers and poets of all genres gather on a monthly basis.

Hertford Choral Society

With around 140 members, Hertford Choral Society stage regular classical and modern concerts, most of which take place at their base at All Saint’s Church.


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