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Fay Turner: Artist-in-Residence at Hertford Arts Hub [November to December 2018]

Artist Statement

Fay Turner [born 1994, London] is a British contemporary artist from Hertfordshire. An alumnus of Arts University Bournemouth [2017], Turner has exhibited both nationally and internationally and in 2018 was awarded the Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe Festival Graduate Commission Award.

Her practice revolves around moving image, experimenting with animation to video installations, creating films to entice and confuse her audience. Turner is captivated by the latest in digital technologies and her work often incorporates elements such as virtual reality and computer-generated effects. Through her artwork, she attempts to navigate complex digital issues and questions our place in our current digital landscape and its possible future.

Residency Statement:

Over the course of this residency Turner aimed to create a film to be shown on the exterior of the eventual Hertford Art Hub building, projecting outwards to grab the attention of passers-by.

Inspired by the way Alan Davie attempted to paint as automatically as possible to uncover unconscious thought, she explored an over-saturated world of online images, to see how our minds may be affected by this time consuming type of content.

Members of the public were invited to come into the gallery space, to draw online content from memory, re-enact their profile pictures and discuss online content and what parts of themselves they wish to project online.

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