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Background to Hertford Arts Hub

Let us Leap was a community-based festival in June 2018 where the concept of the Hertford Arts Hub was launched. The festival tested whether there was an appetite for a new contemporary gallery and an art and local education community space. An exhibition of the painter, poet and musician, Alan Davie [1920-2014] was a crucial component of the event. Davie was celebrated as the first British artist of the twentieth century to develop an expressive form of abstraction and for over 50 years worked from his home and studio in nearby Rush Green. His work had also previously been exhibited in 2015 at the Hertford Theatre gallery. Staged at the old McMullen's Brewery site, the event proved very popular.

The Ongoing Aims of Hertford Arts Hub

  • To curate a programme of artistic events to include creatives and organisations that will take inspiration from Davie.
  • To recruit volunteers who are interested in culture, Hertford’s history and want to be instrumental in delivering this project for the benefit of the town.

Volunteer with Hertford Arts Hub

Basic duties

  • To support and plan creative events in and around Hertford.
  • To help build content for the Hertford Arts Hub website.
  • To build and maximise the social media presence of the Hertford Arts Hub.
the old brewery hertford

Training and Guidance

Advice and training on procedures will be given.

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